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Are you looking for premium post production sound?

Supa Fine Sound Design are the experts to Make Your Project Stand Out Above the Competition

For over 20 years we have collaborated with the most respected creative agencies, to deliver award winning results, while having fun in the process. We have the tools and experience to quickly and eaisily make your project sound Supa Fine!!!

Production Audio Clean Up

Using the best available audio restoration tools, we surgically enhance noisy production audio and make sure your dialog sounds crisp and clear, while tastefully avoiding over-processing. Removing undesired incidental sounds, and creating a smooth even tone for each scene keeps our viewers engaged in the story.  

Sound Design

Our sound effects library has been curated and refined over the last 20 years, but it is always growing. Starting with the best sonic ingredients, the basics are covered. Collaborating with your unique vision, we then create the remaining customized effects to bring your vision to life.

Final Mix

Stereo, 5.1 Theatrical, up to Dolby Atmos, your soundtrack is optimized to match the performance destination and provide the impact you desire. Mixing is often the most rewarding and enjoyable part fo the process. Here we transport the viewer deep into our world, building a three-dimensional soundscape, and ocasionally ordering sushi in the process.

Our Story

Supa Fine offers friendly, reliable, and flexible service. As a boutique enterprise, Supa Fine proudly remains agile and adaptable. Our staff follow our propritary operating standards to ensure consistent service, freeing you to focus on being creative, and having fun!

At Supa Fine, we prioritize community, fostering an inclusive and uplifting environment that supports both our clients and employees. Mentorship is integral to our daily operations, driving progress and innovation.

It’s this philosophy that led us to make the decision to donate 1% of all revenu to charities that support animals, the unhoused and the environment. There is even an option for you to match our donation to double our impact. You can feel good about choosing to work with Supa Fine and feel confident that we will proactivly exceed your expectations.

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